Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MALACCA - The Historical City

So, before leaving Malaysia for good. I got a chance to visit Malacca, few hours driving from Kuala Lumpur. I did this impromptu travel with my travel bestie, Nita Agustin. We tried so many scrumptious signatured food from Malacca. From Chicken Rice Ball to Cendol Ice.

For a little sharing, we went there with public bus and changed the route for three times. With a little backpack on ly back, we didnt know whether we're gonna stay over for one night or did a return trip. Why public bus? Because both of us dont know how to drive a car (we only know how to drive people crazy) LOL.

So guys, please comfort your self to look around, send me a question if you need some trip advices to go there.

-the world isn't wide enough for a trully traveler-

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black Swan (2010)

A story of an ambitious woman in achieving her career as a ballet dancer, and to be exact, everything that seems blocking her way to get the glory will be washed away by her.

Nina (Natalie Portman) finally got a chance to dance as a Swan Queen in the prestigious ballet gala in New York. The ego and ambition of her makes the Black Swan side of her takes more portion in her life. Black Swan itself is the evil side of Swan Queen.

Nina, the perfectionist dared to stab herself to make her performance seems so perfect. The ending is quite hanging whether Nina is bleeding to dead or she can survive.

But after all, this movie is worth watching to begin the year of 2011. Pretty good one.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Tourist (2010)

I would like to give some amateur review about the movie I just watched last night. The Tourist. Indeed with a touch of action, drama, and comedy ala Johnny Deep, the movie is beyond my expectation, I guessed it’s gonna be a sobbing movie with 90% drama and 10% sex scenes (where Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly a symbol of sexism) .

The setting of Venice city stole my heart.

The ending is unexpected, the acting is medium hard.

The plot is quite questioning at the beginning, but seems so crystal clear after ¼ of the movie.

Johnny Deep is indeed a talented actor, but I think he has gone to far doing his Jack Sparrrow and put a little of Jack’s taste to this movie. Especially the way he walks on the rooftop. That was sooo Jack Sparrow. What do you think? Ha!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bali Hare Gene

Lets complain about Bali’s crowd and traffic.

Perjalanan dari rumah ke kantor tadi saya berpapasan sama belasan bus pariwisata. Pertanyaan nya sekarang, kenapa sih semua orang harus liburan ke Bali. Ada dua bus yang menyita perhatian saya, bertuliskan ”Rombongan Ziarah Pulau Bali”. Ohya ziarah? Sempat mampir ke Poppies Lane and Legian Road gak? Booze-ing dikit gitchuu..

Kenapa semuanya pada ke Bali? menengok ke belakang saat waktu liburan sekolah, Natal, dan Tahun Baru. Saya hampir nangis di jalanan karena kepanasan dan terjebak macet. Memang kalau dibandingkan Jakarta sih itu bukan apa-apa. Cuma saya lumayan shock setelah 3 tahun meninggalkan pulau ini, pulang-pulang disambut dengan kemacetan di mana-mana. Rasanya sulit untuk dipercaya.

#1 Pantai Bali

Berbicara tentang pantai, ternyata pulau tetangga Bali menyimpan deretan pantai-pantai perawan yang belum terjamah. Ya, Lombok. Anda harus mencicipi indahnya pantai Lombok, dan anda akan langsung memandang sebelah mata keberadaan pantai-pantai di Bali. Lalu kenapa wisatawan harus memenuhi Pantai Kuta di depan Hard Rock cafe???

#2 Belanja Murah

Mau belanja souvenir yang murah? Eits bukan disini tempat anda, sepanjang jalanan Malioboro di Jogjakarta, itu baru murah. Harga souvenir disini mahal, apalagi kalau anda ke Pasar Ubud dan Sukawati. Harga yang diberikan juga selangit. Atau mungkin, prestige anda ketika berbelanja disana jadi lebih tinggi dibanding berbelanja di sepanjang jalan Malioboro.

#3 Makanan Khas Bali

Tidak bisa dipungkiri lagi bahwa makanan khas Bali yang paling *signature* itu adalah Nasi Babi Guling. Pertanyaan nya, dari puluhan bus pariwisata yang didatangkan dari Jawa, berapa orangkah yang tidak dengan haram bisa mengonsumsi babi? HA!

Udah saatnya melirik provinsi dan tempat tujuan wisata lainnya. Contohnya saja Pulau Lombok dan Labuan Bajo yang tak kalah cantiknya. Bali udah sempit, udah kebanyakan orang, nggak usah ditambah-tambahin serbuan wisatawan lagi.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Planetarium Negara- get a gogo!

Have you ever been realised that on the outside of Earth, there's another life, so-called galaxy?.As a dweller of planet Earth, I am just curious about stars, galaxy, star clusters, and rocket? Yeah, since I have never been to planetarium, me and my best travel buddy Nita as always planned a travel trip without any planning.confuse? yeah me too. But that was fun you know, being spontaneous and flexible. I just love it.

+ You can find the replica of the famous Stonehenge, located in the entrance park
of Planetarium

Before leaving, the gastronomy took very early action. We stopped at Chinese Restaurant named ZHIA (if im not mistaken), which located in Sunway Pyramid. I ate Golden Spicy Chicken which is one of recommended ala carte menus from the chef. I found this Tofu Fa seller (soya puding with brown sugar sauce) just opposite the restaurant. I know the common regulation that "No drinks or food from outside, allowed" but on that time, I couldnt stand my self to break the law. I brought the Tofu Fa (the most favorite item which made from soya) inside and ate it as appetizer. or dessert? (i was twisted my mind).

+ Tofu Fa (soya puding served with brown or white sauce - u choose!)
+ Golden Spicy Chicken/Pork/Beef

How to go there
: Planetarium Negara is located in large tourism site nearby Tmn. Tasik Perdana. If you go from KL Sentral, you can use cab, cost RM12. Another option, you can just walk through Hilton and Le Meridien hotel (opposite KL Sentral) and take pedestrian walk, to National Museum (Museum Negara). Planetarium is located in the same site of Museum Negara.
walk distance fr KL Sentral : 300 mtr.

+ Planetarium Negara with its blue dome.
+ Scenery from the crossover bridge, connecting National Museum and Planetarium

Entrance Fee: Free (but if you want to enter Teater Angkasa or try the simulator, you must pay RM 2/ person.
Opening Hours: Thursday - Sunday, 9am - close

When I reached the exhibition hall. My eyes were sticking on these Mr. Astronauts. Hmmm, they're pretty cool in their outfit, got balloon on their head. shut up. that's astronaut's outfit, and I love it! but to be honest, it's a bit scary when you saw person wearing this kind of costume during the night hour.

+ hey mr. astranouts, im begging u, pls bring me to the moon

Another simulator is ANTI-GRAVITY ROOM. The room is about 1.5x3mtr which allows you to experience the sensation of living without gravity. I felt like falling down every time I steeped my foot. I have to hold the handle so I want fall. On its floor, you can see the panorama of flying to the moon. You can see the sprinkle stars under your feet. COOL!

+ i thought, anti-gravity means you can fly. But what i felt was only dizzy and unstable steps :(

I also visited the replica of interior inside the rocket. The toilet was cool, in its explanation the toilet will work more like a vacuum cleaner rather than flushing just like any other toilet. My tricky mind's wondering. What will be happen when the astronaut is pupping and suddenly there's no gravity inside the room. Don't u think you will see "something" fr your toilet bowl flying in front of your face? yieks....

+ i wanna tell a secret. Astronauts are humans, they also need to do the "P" stuffs.
Im wondering, how they put off their complex outfit when they feel kebelet.

teaser: My next posting would be National Museum. If i am noy mistaken, that was my very first time visiting museum. GREAT. what sort of person i am.that's confusing.after 19 years???whatever. But this museum's cool. It reminds me of Night at The Museum, I can say it's something similar like that, except the alive objects.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Toy

Please kindly visit mu new toy:

I have been working on this site so-called tumblr, after I found some fashion blogs which offer a truly art on it. Im still learning to modify and I have to find the main purpose of that blog. It could be passion blog, travel-writing, or my personal photostream?
I dont know yet.let see, and dont forget to subscribe :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lomo or Bangkok?

You know what, these two items disturb me recently..Because they are just too adorable. I plan to do part-time job or volunteer-ing and earn money from there. Maybe I could just text my dad and ask him to send me some amount of money, but the indulgence would be so much different than I use my own money to afford them.

I consider Action Sampler/ColorSplash or Minimo.

One of my friend who could be considered as Master Lomo said, that manual lomo'd be more interesting and cool rather than the digital one. But looking to the efficiency of used, Digital Lomo is the choosen one.

Minimo. The Digital one, for efficiency!

Coloursplash.what could u ask more?

ActionSampler is imaginative!

Those items are another gorgeous human's invention. But, how bout Bangkok? Surfing into numbers of Travel-Blog inspired me to do back-packing, and Bangkok would be a great destination, because:

1. Air Asia offers quite cheap air fares, with reasonable price.
2. I cant stand the night market of Bangkok, and of course the Vintage market enchanted me!
3. Bath currency is super fine, i think.
4. Back-packers have their own speciality in Bangkok tourism.
5. Culinary and spicy cuisine??what could i ask more...

so..what should i put on priority?
Lomo or Bangkok?